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May 19, 2017 | Richmond, Virginia

SK Consulting LLC presents

A community impact conference.

Won't you join us in making our communities stronger?

Changing the world is hard work. Yet, thousands of dedicated people get up every day and do just that. They work hard to feed the hungry, house the homeless, save the children, rescue pets, build or repair houses, and so much more. 

We are looking for folks like you who understand that creating strong nonprofits will build a more vibrant and stronger community for all of us.

  • By becoming involved as a conference partner, you will be supporting and connecting with people who are doing the hard work of transforming our communities into places that make us proud.

  • By helping to educate our nonprofits on how to build capacity, how to be stronger, better and do more good, you will help shape the future of our nation’s social impact. 

  • By helping bring nonprofits together to share ideas, resources and best practices, you will be creating for your employees a more meaningful and personal connection to the volunteer work they choose to do as well as showcasing your social responsibility.

Being involved as a conference partner will accomplish all of these goals and more. 

For more information about how to support your nonprofit community by being an Alchemy 2017 partner, please contact Sue Kindred at 972.978.6243 or email at

Special thanks to FlashPoint Fund for your support