Senior Consultant at Rhudy & Co. Communications and Marketing Inc.

Talley Baratka, communications and marketing consultant is an extraordinary force for community change.  She is a deep and pioneering thinker who strongly believes that we must challenge the way we build relationships with our nonprofits: as individuals, as funders, and as ardent advocates.  In 2009, Talley founded Impact 100 Richmond to bring passionate and caring women together with the express purpose of improving our community through the power of personal giving.  As a result of Talley’s vision and leadership, this giving circle has invested more than a million dollars in our community’s nonprofit sector.  Her imagination and passion fuel her drive every day.

Let’s Meet in the Middle:  Building Bridges for Stronger Communities   Funders and nonprofits share common ground beyond the obvious intersection of need and money.  Talley will share with you her vision of a community that comes together for a common purpose—both funders and nonprofits—in a way that supports both party’s need to effect social change.  Talley believes that a revolutionary overhaul of the sector is both necessary and possible and stories will take us there.  Stories connect us to one another; help us build strong relationships and serve as our bridge to a deeper understanding of each other’s purpose and drive.


Hunter Leemon, Sportable
Hunter Leemon has been involved in sports and sports related activities since his days competing on the Randolph-Macon college 

Sportable's Army of Orange

SK Consulting LLC presents

Jen Pike

Rockethouse Consulting

Jennifer Pike is smart, capable, passionate and experienced.  She loves big ideas and figuring out how to accelerate sustainable growth. A graduate of Princeton, she has a reputation as an energetic, strategic and innovative thinker and has over 20 years of experience building businesses, brands and organizations that deliver.  As an account manager with the Leo Burnett Agency in Chicago, Pike was the strategic lead for designing and developing communications to better connect with consumers.  She has since honed her skills with stints in New York and most recently with Altria focusing on emerging market opportunities and organizational leadership.  She is currently working with an array of companies in Richmond, Virginia.

Ricardo Palomares

Speaker | Coach | Explorer | Filmmaker

Ricardo Palomares is a filmmaker, explorer, speaker and coach.  He overcame inconceivable obstacles to pursue his passion of traveling the world and documenting its richness.  After immigrating from Mexico City with a degree in photography in his pocket, Palomares earned a film degree from U. Texas at Austin and embarked on the journeys he sought to share through the lens of his camera.  His most recent project, PedalSouth, documented four cyclists (himself included) on two-year, 14,000 mile expedition to create a documentary that would give the perspective of the people and landscape of the Americas. He has also done documentary work in Mexico, China and made the famous pilgrimage Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Stories bring us together. Alone is hard. Together is better.

Story: Connecting Us to Feel, Think and Do

A good story can impact how you feel and therefore what you are willing to do. Jen uses her 20+ years of experience in advertising and marketing to show how combining your ideas with an evocative and emotionally engaging story will help you connect deeply and powerfully with your audience.

Organizational Transformation Through Story

As Executive Director of Sportable, Hunter Leemon is about creating opportunities and transforming the lives of people with physical and visual disabilities through sport.  His story and the story of Sportable is also about creating transformational growth. Leemon will share how he uses story to cultivate relationships and build impact both organizationally and within his community.  

baseball team, his alma-mater.  Leemon went on to serve as the Director of Sales for the Richmond Kickers, one of the largest soccer clubs in Central Virginia and graduated from the Center for Sport Leadership at VCU in 2009.  Leemon’s introduction to Sportable came when he volunteered to lead its Power Soccer team also in 2009, starting the beginning of a love affair with the organization.  Leemon likes to say that his job as Executive Director is to “tell Sportable’s story to anyone, anytime, any place.”  He has used that creed to grow Sportable and its “Army of Orange” into an organization that makes its members, supporters and our community stronger. 

A community impact conference.

Stories bring us together. Alone is hard. Together is better.

May 19, 2017 | Richmond, Virginia

Igniting Your Inspiration Through Story

Story allows us to reveal our passion, share our driving force, our dreams and our beliefs in the hope that others will join us on our journey to change the world.  A well-told story persuades, influences, and motivates.  As a filmmaker, Ricardo brings powerful stories to life. He will set fire to your passion and engage you on a storytelling journey allowing you to ignite your own stories and inspiration.​​

Crafting YOUR Effective Story with Master Storyteller Kendall Haven

If you attended Alchemy 2016 you already know the magic that is Kendall Haven. Back by popular demand, Kendall Haven will be teaching this hands-on, in-depth, roll-up-your-sleeves and get-it-done workshop to guide you in creating an effective story for you and your organization. You will be mesmerized by his ability to show you how to create stories that change lives, alter beliefs, and exert powerful influence. By applying his eight essential elements of effective story structure, you will transform your ability to tell a compelling and effective story.  

Talley Baratka

Kendall Haven

Story Consultant / Author / Master Storyteller

The only West Point graduate to ever become a professional storyteller, Haven also holds a graduate degree in Oceanography (Oregon State University) and spent eight years as a Senior Research Scientist for the Department of Energy before finding his true passion for storytelling and a very different kind of "truth." With 30 years experience as a performing storyteller, and after two decades leading the research effort for the National Storytelling Association and the International Storytelling Center, Haven has emerged as a Master Storyteller.