Alchemy 2017's experts will connect the dots between understanding why we need to tell compelling stories and understanding how to create stories that increase our organization's community impact.  Stories bring us together.  They solidify our place in the world, help us identify a common purpose, and provide meaning to our work of social change. This community impact conference will help nonprofits and the people who serve them confidently engage in new communication strategies that focus on telling effective stories.

What 2016 Attendees had to say:

What Alchemy 2016 attendees had to say:

"I loved learning about storytelling in new ways."

"The speakers spoke directly to issues we are struggling with and were on point.  Thank you!"

"Kendall Haven was fascinating, absolutely extraordinary."

"My favorite part was the ability to discuss opportunities and challenges with people across the nonprofit world."

Jennifer Pike

Ricardo Palomares

Kendall Haven

​​Stories bring us together. Alone is hard. Together is better.

May 19, 2017 | Richmond, Virginia

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Stories bring us together. Alone is hard. Together is better.

Storytelling. Unlocking a bright and sustainable future.

Talley Baratka

SK Consulting LLC presents

Hunter Leemon

"I thought the conference was just great and the information I garnered will definitely help with our direct mail program, online fundraising, and even when we talk one on one with donors. I liked the format of the conference, it allowed for a free flow of ideas, which meant that we not only garnered knowledge from the speakers, but from other participants as well. 

 "I will definitely plan on going next year and plan on taking other staffers as well."

                                                                                                           ~Scott Russell